Dead Battery? Don't Panic.

Dead Battery? Don't Panic.

Use our jump-start service in Augusta, MI

One of the most common reasons the drivers find themselves stuck on the side of the road is a dead battery. Fortunately, a dead battery is usually easy to fix. However, before you can replace your battery, you have to get your car to the shop. Mann's Wrecker Service offers local jump-start service for customers in Augusta, MI.

When your car won't start, our team will be there in a jiffy. Take advantage of our 24-hour roadside assistance plan by calling 269-671-5668 today.

What's wrong with your car battery?

A dead battery is a very common problem. However, there are many different reasons why it happens. Some can be fixed with our jump-start service, well others require a replacement battery. Your car may not start because:

  • You left the headlights or dome lights on for too long
  • Your battery is in weak or poor condition
  • Your battery is corroded or has loose connections
  • There's a problem with your car's electrical system
  • It's extremely hot or cold outside

Mann's Wrecker Service is proud to offer 24-hour roadside assistance. Request immediate help in the Augusta, MI area at any time.